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⚠️This version of Waffles Design System is no longer maintained, and was deprecated at the end of 2022. It's main repository is archived. Please migrate your app to the New Waffles.



Typgraphy is key to all aspects of our brand.


The DataCamp font is Studio Feixen Sans. For full details on usage, check the brand guidelines.

How can I include this font in my application?

When building for the web, using the waffles packages detailed on this site will correctly add this font and associated styling to the application. Check out the docs for waffles-text in particular for usage.

Our new brand font isn’t available in G Suite—help!

We know, for a company that spends so much time in Google docs and slides, this is a tough one! It’s important to remember that we chose a non-open-source font for a reason: We want to build a brand that’s unique to DataCamp, and that includes using a font that won’t be as widely used by other organizations.

The solution: To keep our Google materials as on-brand as possible, please use Poppins in all public-facing Google docs and slides. It’s not an exact match to our new brand font, but Poppins comes closest to reflecting the style of our new branding.

How can I use the font for something else?

If you're deisgning or making something that isn't covered above, you will probably need to install the font on your computer. For DataCamp employees, please reach out in the #design-system-squad slack channel and we can provide you with the font files.